Want One Size Fits All? Three Winter Scarf Fashion Looks

For Winter, I need warm and comfortable clothing.  However, due to my obsession with fashion, wearable art jazzes up my outfits while I work, blog, meet friends for lunch, shop and ramble about.

My favourite ensemble is dark denim ankle grazing jeans, with a long jumper. My shoes are ballet flats or boots and a beautiful scarf when the weather is chilly.

Yes, scarves keep your neck warm, but they can also be a stunning accessory with your outfit.

Here are three ways with scarves:

1. Contrast

Contrasting colours from the colour wheel can look sensational together.

Think  primary blue with secondary opposite colour orange,  yellow against purple, red with green and the classic - black and white.

In these photographs, the primary and secondary colours work well together.  Perhaps a hat and scarf in the same colour, against a dark purple top or coat.
Quick Tip:
The colour next to your face should suit 
your skin tone and so I hold up new colours against my face.  Some colours wash me out; mustard, lime green, light grey - while others make my skin a healthy glow; dusky pink, dark blue, dark orange and dark green. My colouring is dark brown hair, dark green eyes and a freckled light completion.

2. Repetition

Repeating colours throughout your outfit will add continuity. Also, if you have colours which look great on you, repeat them in bags, shoes and other accessories. Repetition can add cohesion to the entire look.

I love the scarf above, which is beautifully balanced with large glasses and a plain top. The scooped neck, with its grey tone, shows off the scarf and lipstick.

Pinks and browns work well together, with a matching handbag. Pink, in all its shades can go from Winter to Summer and back again.

3. Interesting Layering 

Alicia Dawson - Writer

We met because I accosted Alicia on the street, to ask her where she found her large collection of hats.  She is usually sporting a fabulous hat and scarf which fits perfectly with her quirky outfit and accessories.  Alicia is also great at using wearable art to dress up her outfits.

There is not much to say here, just fabulous dressing, with interesting layers and great shoes!

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